The Structure

The Spiral Web Tradition considers a coven to be at least 3 souls meeting regularly for Full Moons (and New Moons if they desire) for at least 3 moons. Each Coven will have a High Priestess and may have a Maiden or a Guardian considered part of the Coven Council.

Each High Priestess can choose who is admitted to their Coven, but must always abide by the Seeker’s Bill of Rights. Any High Priestess, member of Coven Council, Hierarchy Initiate, or Inner Circle Initiate must keep everything found in the Seeker’s Bill of Rights in mind and never require Coven members or Students to violate their own rights.

The Tradition follows a time-tested 3-tier path of Initiation:

  • First Degree Inner Circle Initiate is an Initiate into the Inner Circle of the Coven
    1. Requirements include (but are not limited to):
      • Dedication to the Path after three moons but before the ninth moon
      • Dedication to the Goddess at or before the ninth moon
      • Complete Student Year of Thirteen Moons
  • Second Degree Hierarchy Initiate (eligible for Coven Council Hierarchy roles of Maiden or Guardian)
    1. Requirements include (but are not limited to):
      • Complete Inner Circle Initiate Year of Thirteen Moons
      • Complete Essay on 3 Non-Pagan Religions and 3 Pagan Paths
      • Demonstrate deeper knowledge of a chosen topic of self-study
  • Third Degree High Priestess
    1. Requirements include (but are not limited to):
      • Complete Hierarchy Initiate Year of Thirteen Moons
      • Serve at least Two Years on Coven Council as Maiden or Guardian
      • Demonstrate expertise in chosen magical knowledge topic of self-study
      • Complete Essay Test for Elevation to High Priestess (easily can take many months)

As with any path, great meaning can be found in both the old and the new. As is commonly practiced, many Traditions require a Year-and-a-Day before Initiations occur. The Spiral Web Tradition also requires at least a Year-and-a-Day before Initiation because the Student must learn to perform both Coven and public Ritual (if performing a public ritual is possible) and must celebrate 13 Full Moons. But any Initiation or Elevation is always at the sole discretion of the High Priestess even if all ‘requirements’ have been met.