The Teachings

The Spiral Web Tradition teaches that sacred ritual enlivens daily life with the Divine found in Nature and direct knowledge of the Goddesses and Gods. It is what Witches Do! It is the sacred space we do our magical workings within. It is where we learn to Priestess!


High Priestesses within the Tradition teach knowledgeable Witches through a Student Year of Thirteen Moons. The following classes enable a Student to perform meaningful Rituals for themselves, their covens, and their community:

  1. Orientation – Discuss Seeker’s Bill of Rights. What are the rules of the Coven? How should one behave? What is your role?
  2. What is this? – What is Wicca? What is Witchcraft? How are they the same? How are they different?
  3. Priestessing – What is Priestessing? What is the history of Priestessing? What is the history of Wicca? What is the history of Witchcraft? What is the history of Paganism? (This will include discussion of the now debunked 9 million count of the burning times. While anyone losing their life in any manner over religion is reprehensible, it is not necessary to inflate or create horrible stories to legitimize Wicca or Witchcraft.)
  4. Ethics – What are magical ethics and why do we have them? How do they correlate to other established religions? Why should Priestesses worry about Ethics?
  5. Ritual Design – What is the purpose of ritual? Why do we perform rituals? How do Priestess Witches create or design rituals?
  6. The Divine – Goddess – What are the forms of the Goddess? Where did She come from?
  7. The Divine – God – What are the forms of the God? Where did He come from?
  8. The Moon – Why do Witches honor the Moon? What are the Moon phases? What do they symbolize? Why is the Moon important to the Earth and all that live upon it? What is Moon Magic?
  9. Wheel of the Year – What is the Wheel of the Year? Why do Witches celebrate the Wheel of the Year? What does the Wheel of the Year mean to a Priestess?
  10. Sacred Space – What is sacred space? How does one create sacred space? What is an altar? Why do we create altars? How does one create an altar?
  11. Elements – What are the elements and elementals? Why do Witches learn about the elements? What do we do with the elements?
  12. Tools – What are Witches’ tools? Why do we use tools? What do we do with tools?
  13. Visualization – What is visualization? Why is it important for a Witch to learn visualization? How is visualization related to magic?

Inner Circle Initiates

Inner Circle Initiates will receive in-depth instruction in the following subjects (at least) over the 13 Moon Initiate Year to further strengthen their practice while at the same time integrating into their daily lives all they learned as a Student:

  1. Color and Candle Magic – How we can use color in our spell work
  2. Stones – The properties and uses of stones and crystals in spell work
  3. Animals – Understanding and honoring the magic found in animal energy
  4. Herbs & Oils – Medicinal, aromatherapy, and magical uses in spell work
  5. Symbolism – How symbolism is used in magic, worship, and ritual
  6. Rites of Passage – How and why do Witches celebrate life-passages?
  7. Chakras – Understanding Chakras and energy, working with Chakras.
  8. Spell Work –Mirror Magic, Sigil Magic, Miscellaneous Magic, etc…
  9. Divination – Gain a working knowledge of different forms of divination and begin to practice
  10. Tarot – Gain a working knowledge of Tarot and begin to practice
  11. Runes – Gain a working knowledge of Runes and begin to practice
  12. Ogham – Gain a working knowledge of Ogham and begin to practice
  13. Astrology – Gain a working knowledge of Astrology and begin to practice

Hierarchy Initiates

There are many topics that Hierarchy Initiates could learn and work on to deepen their own spiritual practice while they begin ministering to their Coven. Each High Priestess will determine what they would like their Hierarchy Initiates to focus on, and each Hierarchy Initiate should be encouraged to become well-versed in a chosen topic as a self-study in addition to exploring the following:

  1. The Dark Goddess and Dark God
  2. Pathworking / Sacred Journeying
  3. Spirits and the Fae

High Priestess

High Priestesses should find one area of magical knowledge for self-study and strive to become an expert, able to pass on that knowledge whether they hive out and become Coven Leaders or not.

Witches never stop learning and Priestesses never stop Priestessing!