What is the Spiral Web?

The Spiral Web Tradition teaches that all of life is connected as if we were in a vast web and that what we do on our journey affects not only ourselves but all those with whom we have contact, seen and unseen. It is a grave responsibility to do no harm and to minimize our impact to the earth and other persons as we walk through our daily lives while also being a beacon of the Divine walking a ‘called’ path as proclaimed Feminists and Witches.

The Witchcraft practiced by followers of this tradition is wise, magical, kind, and strong, closely following the four classical elements that were thought to underlie all of creation: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth which also correlate to the four basic states of matter: gas, plasma, liquid, and solid. We are each part and parcel of all the elements that make up this magical life we are blessed with. And we use these in our practical magic.

The Spiral Web Tradition is a Witchcraft practice that honors the Goddesses and the Gods from many Pantheons but also the Divine that abides within each individual walking through this journey we call life.

As the seasons spiral in and out, waning and waxing like the moon, so too do our lives spiral in and out, ever-evolving within a sacred circle of ritual from which all things emanate. For it is within this sacred container of ritual that all knowledge and practice comes; from calling the Quarters – the symbolic four directions, working with the elementals, learning about, honoring, and communing with the Divine, understanding and using symbolism, acting out the sacred dramas found in mythology, performing magical spell-workings, or practicing divination. We work with, honor, and embody the Goddesses and Gods who call to us while weaving a sacred circle of connection.

The Spiral Web trains Priestesses by opening channels to the seen and unseen, enabling self-healing and transforming all within the sacred circle. All flows from the sacred ritual circle, the sacred spiral within the circle, and the sacred web of our connections. You don’t have to believe. You just have to do.